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Meet Dambar Paudel

Derived from the Limbu dialect of Nepal, the word ‘Soyak’ means a place where there are abundant tangerines. But the locals were unaware of the fact that this small town in the East of Nepal is also a hub for amazing coffee. When all the farmers were growing tangerines, Dambar was one of the first people to notice coffee in the village and out of curiosity started to collect it for sale.  Coffee for him was like discovering liquid gold. It has been fourteen years since the day and he is still involved in collecting coffee for his living. By…

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Meet Gopal

Since the very beginning of's journey, Gopal has been there as the preferred woodworker. He makes all the brew stations, the furniture and works closely with Birgit in designing and manufacturing elements that go in the interiors. His talent and experience in working with wood is a real joy. “My father was an amazing carpenter. I learnt everything from him. Not only how to make furniture but also how to make local houses. I love what I do and wish more young people would realize the beauty of working with wood.”

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