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"Its not only about coffee, its all about coffee"
Birgit Lienhart-Gyawali
founder . designer . visionary

What makes you happy?

Waking up to discover a blue sky; standing at the top of a mountain amidst the majestic Himalayas; inhaling the unique smell of a night queen; dancing away to your favorite song while a hot cup of coffee is brewing first thing in the morning? If these are just some of the things that light you up then perhaps Coffee will lift your spirits as you travel through our story.


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“All our actions create reactions and influence lives” COFFEE is a journey born out of a passion for coffee. It envisions a coffee experience that is based on respect and appreciation for the people (their culture and traditions) and nature. It showcases the journey from crop to cup and beyond.

All our beans are Arabica beans, 100 % organic, handpicked and hand processed. We source our beans direct from small cooperatives in Nepal and work closely with the local farmers, to help to improve their livelihoods.We believe in recycling and up-cycling. 

We reuse all coffee wastage and coffee by- products like filter paper, chaffs and coffee ground to make cosmetics, lamp shades, paper, and much more. Our products are designed by us and created by local artisans and small businesses, using local materials.

We encourage and empower women to gain skills and become financially independent. Our wooden accessories are made by female carpenters/ wood turners from Kokhana.We try to keep our carbon footprint low. 

Almost all hand brewing equipment are made in Nepal. The brew stations are made of Mango wood, only the trees that don’t yield and hence offer no more income to the farmers. Our kettles are influenced by the traditional use of brass/copper in Nepali households.No electric machines are used. It is not about speed. 

Drinking coffee is a ritual. It allows one slow down for a few minutes, engage in conversations, appreciate the moment. Be in the present.

It’s not just about coffee, it is all about coffee. Join the journey|

Serving from Nepal & Austria

Trading Office in Europe

Karma Trading e.U. Unterdorf 5, Mils bei Imst, 6493 Tirol Austria
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Showroom & Shops in Nepal

GyanMandala, Patan & HUB, Thamel
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Boutique Locations in Kathmandu, Nepal

In Patan, go to the Gyanmandala Complex at Jhamsikhel. We are on the second floor of the three storey building when you reach the parking lot.

+977 9808434979
In Thamel, turn towards Amrit Marg (also called Jyatha Street). About 50 meters down, we are on left in Thamel Mall, on the first floor.

+977 9808434979